MEX is the express network of Midland. Services operate on broadly two axis: services operating out of London St Pancras to South Mercia, East Mercia and Yorkshire, and those connecting South West England, Wales, and the South Coast with Northern England and Scotland via Birmingham New Street

MEX was launched in 2000 with the introduction of the new Class 222 Xplorer DEMUs into service.

MEX services are split into two service groups:

MEX ExpressEdit

MEX Express services

Exclusively utilises 7+2 HST sets on longer distance services. Full resturaunt service is provided on certain services operating out of London St Pancras, with a buffet service on the remainder.

Trains contain 1st class Midland Premier accomodation (Coaches F+G), a quiet carriage (Coach A), and on many trains passing through Birmingham, a family carriage (Coach E).

MEX ShuttleEdit

MEX Shuttle services

In order to cope with rising passenger numbers and demands for more frequent services over the "core" cross country network, the new millenium saw the introduction of the "Shuttle" concept. Short, multiple unit style trains would operate at relatively high frequencies over the busiest parts of the cross country network, freeing up HST's to operate truely long distance (what would later become known as MEX Express) services. Since the introduction of the Class 222 Xplorer units, passenger numbers on routes served by the units have increased by up to 50%.

The six car DEMU trains are capable of 125mph, and are all equipped with active tilting systems. Coach A is designated as a quiet coach. Coaches B, C and D are standard class accomodation, with D being designated "family friendly". Coach E contains the buffet and extra space for luggage. Coach F is the First class carriage. Coaches E and F are fitted with wheelchair accessible toilets. Additional luggage storage is available at the end of Coaches A and F.

Stock used Edit

Rolling stock utilised by MEX is exclusively High Speed Train's and Class 222 Xplorer DEMU sets. High Speed Train's are based at Derby Etches Park, whilst Xplorer sets utilise a custom built maintennce facility next door at Derby Pride Park. Trainsets are also serviced under contract at Edinburgh Craigentinny, Newcastle Heaton, Leeds Neville Hill, Plymouth Laira and Bournemouth Traincare depot.