Inter regional passenger services occupy a niche below the standard of services provided by inter city services, but in excess of that on regional or suburban networks. It is generally not utilised as a classification outside of railway circles, with most rail companies utilising one of several brand names particular to a route or group of services.


Inter regional routes can be differentiated from other types of services by the following characteristics:

  • Calls at important secondary and principal stations only
  • Utilises rolling stock with 90-100mph capabilities
  • Mid to long distance (100-200 miles being the norm)
  • 3-4 carriage operation, at least hourly
  • 2+2 seating in standard class with tables, often 1st class is provided
  • At seat trolley service for at least part of journey

There is some cross over in nature between inter regional and outer suburban services, especially those to and from London. For example Southern Railway services between London Waterloo and Bournemouth/Weymouth feature all of the above remarks. The difference appears to be that "true" inter regional services are not coordinated around one principle peak tidal flow(into and out of London in this instance). They also avoid the capital, and tend to straddle a number of "Big 8" operating territories.

Inter regional services in Great BritainEdit