Birmingham is a major English city. It is in a region called West Mercia.


In Birmingham, there is a large rail network, which centres around three central stations:

The bus network has a number of on street termini - many near to railway stations:

Most coaches serving Birmingham operate from the recently rebuilt Digbeth Coach Station which includes a dedicated set of stands for LeapWM allowing easy interchange onto local bus services.

The local transport is branded Leap West Midlands by the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority (WMPTA).

Trolleybuses are being added to the city.

The rail operators serving the city are:

  • Midland - Local Services, Regional Services, Interegional services
  • MEX (Part of Midland) - Express Services to the South, South West and the North
  • NeVida WestCoast - Express and Regional services on the WCML to London Euston
  • Great Thames - Services to London Marylebone via the Chilterns
  • NeVida CrossCountry - Interegional services to Norwich, Cardiff and Stansted Airport
  • Northern - Interregional services to Manchester
  • WalesRail - Services to Wales

The bus operators serving the city are:

The WMPTA (West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority) supervises the running of transport in the West Midlands and provides the subsidy to run many services. It is part of the government.